⬛Two-weeks temporary tattoo
⬜Quick, Painless, Non-toxic


The tattoo is initially "translucent" and will gradually darken within 48 hours, which can last for 2 - 3 weeks.


⬛How to use:
Stick the tattoo on the ideal place of your body, then moisten the backing paper with water, press lightly for an average of 30 seconds, tear off the backing paper, and wipe off the water. BOOM! (be patient for the next 48 hours!)

本店貨物出門恕不退換。如果商品數量與訂單不相符,或內容不完整,請你將商品清楚拍攝記錄,於七個工作天內盡快聯絡Fastink HK客服電郵信箱。我們會盡快進行商品瑕疵或損壞鑒定,並盡快將新產品寄給你。

All products will not be returned or exchanged. If the quantity of the product does not match the order, or the content is incomplete, please record or take a photo of the product clearly and contact the FASTINK HK customer service email address as soon as possible within seven working days. We will conduct product defect or damage identification as soon as possible, and send the new product to you as soon as possible. (Only include FASTINK tattoos)

所有產品寄送至香港會由順豐速遞寄出。一般會以順豐方式寄出。如用順豐智能櫃, 請記得列明清楚智能櫃地址及網點代碼。一般約三至七個工作天可取貨。視乎貨運狀況。海外送貨服務會使用香港郵遞服務speed post/平郵. 一般約7至28個工作天可取貨。視乎貨運狀況。運費會以地區不同有所高低,正確金額可於結帳時查看。

All products sent to Hong Kong will be sent by SF Express. Please make sure you provide the right phone number and direct address they are priorities to SF express.  If you use SF Smart Cabinet, please remember to clearly specify the smart cabinet address and outlet code. Usually, it takes about three to seven working days to pick up the goods. It depends on the shipping status. The overseas delivery service will be using the Hong Kong postal service speed post/local mail. Generally, it takes about 7 to 28 working days to pick up the goods. It depends on the shipping status. Shipping costs will vary by region, and the correct amount can be checked at checkout.
    HK$129.00 一般價格